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Monday, 21 December 2009 19:31

IDROSAPIENS S.r.l. proposes its experience "Flexibility in steel" whenever pipes or vessels vonceying liquid or gaseous pressurized fluids, are subjected to thermal expansion and the resultant mouvements have to be compensated; the Idrosapiens products can be extensively used in these appliances with the highest grade of reliability and safety. Idrosapiens is present in the field of flexible elements since 1927 and presently is a sister company of the Witzenmann Group whose haed quarters are located in Pforzheim, Germany.
More than 100 years ago Heinrich Witzenmann, inventor of the first flexible metal hose, started the production of flexible elements and expansion joints.
Since then on, the Witzenmann Group, basing on its industrial capabilities and the top quality of the products, has achieved a worldwide reputation as the largest and most internationally known producer of flexible metal elements.
The Group engineers are continuously developping new technological solutions in order to better satisfy even the most sophisticated appliances requested by the upgrading of the involved technics.
The Witzenmann Group with the trade-mark HYDRA® and idrosapiens cover the full ranger of products, from the mass production for automotive industry up to the special components specifically designed for the aerospace industry.

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