Pipe supports and hydraulic shock absorbers and pipe rolls

The IDROSAPIENS production range includes elastic supports with constant load (0.5 - 400 kn, 150-300-450 mm strokes), elastic supports with variable load (0.25 – 100, 50-100-200-300-400 mm strokes), and 2.5 to 750 Kn hydraulic and mechanical dampers with 150 to 300 mm strokes. This range also includes all components for supporting and fixing pipes (bands for horizontal and vertical pipes, forks, and tie rods).
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Sliding Rollers for Pipes

Sliding rollers for pipes are components which are designed and built to support the weight of the pipes and of the fluids conveyed by these, and to enable the free sliding pipes caused by variations in heat. The IDROSAPIENS SR type sliding rollers perform these functions very well because they consist of a roller that is supported by a sturdy frame.

The roller is assembled on self-lubricating bushes and bearings with low coefficient of friction, which rotate on a stainless steel pin.
It is possible to have other types of bushes and bearings designed and built for larger diameters and for heavier loads than those indicated below, depending on the customer’s needs.