Production Program

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Monday, 21 December 2009 19:34

IDROSAPIENS in its development programme devotes its best energies to the research and application of advanced systems for a safe handing of corrosive, hazardous, falmmable or otherwise dangerous fluids, with particular attention to nuclear and aerospace components.

IDROSAPIENS was founded more than fifty years ago.
Since then, it has been manufacturing (both under licence and to its own design) and marketing a wide range of sophisticated industrial components:

  • Metal expansion joints according to AD-B13, EJMA, CODAP and ASME sct. III and VIII
  • Stainless steel flexible hoses
  • Rubber and fabric expansion joints
  • Pipe supports and shock absorbers
  • Pipe rolls
  • Chemical resistant systems for carrying corrsive media
  • Metal bellows
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