Quality and certification

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Monday, 21 December 2009 19:44

Since 1979, Idrosapiens has been developing a Quality Assurance System which aims at fulfilling each one of our customers’ needs, as concerns both the product and the before- and after-sales services. This type of organization has made it possible for the company to participate in major European projects of an innovative nature, such as space and aeronautics programs, nuclear power plants and chemical and petrochemical plants. The organizational set-up of our company enables it to develop ad-hoc projects that are individually designed to meet the needs of each Customer based on strict design and quality specifications. Our company is also capable of supplying products which have been designed and tested in compliance with the regulations of a large number of test agencies, such as ISPESL, RINA, BUREAU VERITAS, DNV, LLRR, as well as others. At the same time, the Company is preparing to set up a technical and organizational structure to comply with the latest European standards, which are aimed at defining compliance with European Directive 97/23/EC (PED). This Directive will become the official European Standard applicable to containers and pressurized pipes. The Aerospace Division of our Company also disposes of a quality structure which is certified by the SGS, in compliance with the ISO 9000 normative.

Certificate of Membership EJMA

ISO 9001 Certificate Industrial division

ISO 9001 Certificate Aerospace division

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