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IDROINOX expansion joints are:

  • Axial
  • Hinged and gimbal (Angular)
  • Lateral
  • Universal

Types of bellows

Bellows is the essential part of each IDROINOX expansion joints.
It consist of a series of "U"-shaped annular metallic convolutions, to assure the greatest flexibility and fatigue life at any working conditions.
All bellows of the IDROINOX expansion joints are manufactured without circumferential welds.
Our construction program consist of:

  • Multiply bellows
  • Single ply bellows
  • Bellows with reinforcing rings

Multiply bellows consist of more concentric corrugated cylinders with longitudinal welds; single ply bellows are made of a single leghtwise welded cylinder.
In multiply execution all piles withstand the internal pressure, while for the movement and fatigue life only one single ply is considered with conseguent high flexibility.
To increase the strength to the reinforcing rings are inserted in the grooves.
What above refers both to moltiply bellows is the possibility to manufacture the internal and external plies with high-corrosion resistent materials (nickel, titanium, monel etc.)

Construction range

The IDROINOX metallic bellows are obtained from (using stainless steel strip or plate) lengthwise TIG welded rolled cylinders and formed.
According to the diameter and the geometry of the convolutions the forming methods are as follows:

  • Up to DN 600: elastometric forming
  • From DN 650 to DN 2200: hydraulic forming
  • Over DN 2200 and for non-standard diameters: rolled forming
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